(9)  Where is happiness?

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(9)  Where is happiness?

There are four points to discuss in this regard:

    A- Is happiness in the material things?

    B- Is Happiness in the children?

    C- Does happiness mean being promoted to a higher position?

    D- Where is happiness?

Happiness: is the dream land that everyone is looking for. The philosopher, the average worker, the king in his palace, to the poor man in his simple home, each one is looking for happiness.

I do not think that someone is looking for unhappiness, or is going to settle down for less than happiness.

Many people went looking for happiness in the wrong places, and they came back empty handed, exhausted, heartbroken and hopeless.

A- Is happiness in the material things?

  Some people thought that happiness is in living an easy rich life. Man’s needs changes according to his age, as put by Imam Abu Hamid Al Ghazali. For example, happiness for a child is in playing; for a young adult, it is in the natural desires; and as the person gets older, it is in gathering money and also in getting higher positions in life.

But look now at the countries where all these material aspects of happiness were achieved. This material side is only an attractive cover for unhappiness and hard life.

Sometimes money becomes a curse and not a blessing. As Allah says: “So let not their wealth or their children amaze you; in reality Allah’s Plan is to punish them with these things in the life of this world, and that their souls shall depart (die) while they are disbelievers.” (At-Tawba, 55).

Also, the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)) said, “Man by nature always wants more, if you give him a valley of gold he will ask for a second one” (Al-Bukhari, 1436).

The Prophet Jesus (AS) said about those who love this life, “The one who loves this life is like a drunken man; the more he drinks the more he becomes thirsty.” The more a person wants of this life, the more they continue to want of this life.

B- Happiness in the children?

     Allah (SWT) says: “Wealth and children are the adornment of the life of this world. But the good righteous deeds that last, are better with your Lord for rewards and better in respect of hope.” (Al-Kahf, 46).

There are people who are happy even though they do not have kids and vice versa. As we know from the story of Musa and Khidr (AS), Allah (SWT) says: “And as for the boy, his parents were believers, and we feared lest he should oppress them by rebellion and disbelief.” (Al-Kahf, 80).

There are many cases where a person would kill his father to get money.

C- Does happiness mean being promoted to a higher position, getting a job or obtaining higher degrees? This may help achieve a partial happiness, but look at how many ministers and people of power who are living a very sad life.

D- So where is happiness?

 In fact happiness is in the fear of Allah. I do not see happiness in accumulation of wealth but in the fear of Allah and follow His directions.

Happiness is the acknowledgment of Allah and submission to Him and to rely on Him and no one else.

Imam Ibn Taymiya said, “Jannah is in my heart, and my heart is in Allah’s hand, and Allah is my supporter and helper.” Ibrahim ibn Adham said, “We are in a state of happiness. If the kings and their sons knew what it is, they would fight us for it.”

Happiness is the peace of mind. As Allah (SWT) says: “He it is Who sent down As-Sakinah (calmness and tranquility) into the hearts of the believers, that they may grow more in Faith along with their (present) Faith. And to Allah belong the hosts of the heavens and the earth, and Allah is Ever All-Knower, All-Wise.” (Al-Fath, 4).

And also, Allah (SWT) says: “Indeed, Allah was pleased with the believers when they gave their Bai’a (pledge) to you (O Muhammad PBUH) under the tree, He knew what was in their hearts, and He sent down As-Sakinah (calmness and tranquility) upon them, and He rewarded them with a near victory.” (Al-Fath, 18).

Happiness is not seen by the eyes. It cannot be measured. It can not be stored anywhere. And, it can not be bought.

Happiness is when one devotes his life to defending a just cause.

Happiness is when the heart is free of stress of this material life and attains the peace of mind.

May Allah accept our deeds and give us happiness

Written by: Dr. Ahmed A. S.  Hammouda

Professor in Al-Azhar University

And Islamic American University

Translated by: Abdullah Zettili

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